May 16, 2002 Borger, TX Supercell
May 16, 2002 Borger, TX Supercell

I do not remember much about this day other than I took one of my most favorite photos at sunset. I use to stay within about 20minutes of Borger back then so I know it was close to town, but not much other than that. I found a few links to some other chaser pages that have some radar images and other useful images from the this day.

SPC outlooks and weather data
Jason Foster's May 16 Chaselog
John and Beth Moore May 16th Chaselog


This is one of my favorte photos, I just wish I had taken this with a digital camera.

Here is a photo from May 5, 2002. I had no where else to put it so I put it here since its the only picture from that day.