Discorus - 10/14/06 Shinedown/Seether/Breaking Benjamin
Discorus - 10/14/06 Shinedown/Seether/Breaking Benjamin

Oct 14, 2006 - OKC Zoo Amphitheatre
The Discorus Show at the OKC Zoo Amphitheatre was awesome. Gates opened at noon and we need to pick up our will call tickets at 10 am. So we decided to leave the apartment by nine. We got dressed and ate a little bit and were up at the Zoo Amp by 10 am. The stupid box office wasnt ready, so we didnt get our tickets till almost 11. When we got in line we were behind about 100+ people. We were able to get in just after 12, but as we proceed down the hill we realized that we were the 3rd and 4th of the VIP ticket holders to get in so we got a front and center spot and kept it for the next 11 hours till the show was over at 11:20. Rhonda left the our spot a couple times in search of food but was not able to get any because they didnt have anything ready till after the show was going about 5 hours. The only thing we had that whole day after breakfast (at nine) was a 20 ounce Sprite we spilt. We did get a bottle of water that got kicked off the stage that also helped us alot.

On to the Bands. First band was 2 Cents, they were an awesome heavy band. They really got things started off right. After them was Dropping Daylight, they were alright, but they didnt really seem to fit in with the style of the other bands that were playing.Rickets followed them at around 2. They were another awesome heavy band. I got a guitar pic from them. Halestorm followed them with some awesome new songs we had not heard before. Evans Blue came out after them and played a pretty good set. The lead singer was sick, still sounded good to me. He was pissed he was sick and was tearing stuff up on stage. Crossfade then came out and tore the place up with a little over a half hour set. Buckcherry came out for their hour set after that but were cut short by half an hour almost. They had gotten behind early and ended up cutting big chunks of time of the main acts, which really pissed us off. The lack of readiness at every concert always surprises me, they act like they have had months to prepare and plan this stuff out better. Breaking Benjamin came out and played an awesome set, as always. Shinedown followed with another stellar performance, but they were cut short as well, which what really pissed me off, but we got to see all the major songs plus some other old ones you dont normally get to hear. Seether came well after 10, which was over half hour behind schedule. They played a great set even though the crowd really died of exhaustion after Shinedown. Seether was cut short by at least 4 or so songs. Me and Rhonda both got set lists from Seether. We could see they cut out a bunch of songs. Seether had also got rid of one of their guitarist, no one knew what happen to him, but he is obviously not with the band anymore.

Now here are the new pics.

Evans Blue



Breaking Benjamin