Snocore Tour - Amarillo: Shinedown & Seether
Snocore Tour - Amarillo: Shinedown & Seether

This is a long one. This my Saturday evening at the Seether/Shinedown show featuring Halestorm, Flyleaf, Revelation Theory, Dark New Day, and Hinder. There might be a lot of typos in here, just figure them out.

Saturday was the Seether/Shinedown concert, so me, Rhonda, and my friend Dave went back to Texas for the weekend. We didnt get back to borger till late, so the next day we got up at 11 and left for Amarillo a little after noon. Once we got to Ama, we turned on the radio to see if they were talking about the concert. They said the doors were opening at 4 so we changed are plans, we stopped by Whataburger and went straight to the Tri-State Fair Grounds cause we wanted to get front. We were there for about half an hour and we decided to put our jackets back in the car, while I was gone Rock 108 DJ came out and asked a question and if you got it right, you and a friend got to go in and meet the bands. He came back out when I got back there in line. The first question, I knew it but so did 15 other people. Then the next question was what band was Clint Lowery of Dark New Day fomerly in? I was the only one who raised their hand, I wasnt completely sure, but I was about 90% sure. I knew their were guys from Sevendust, Stereomud, and a few other bands, but since Sevendust is the biggest of those bands, I figure he was from them, plus I had sortof remember reading it somewhere. Well I said Sevendust and he pointed me in the door. Rhonda came with me and Dave unfortunately had to stay at our second spot in line outside.

We stood around inside for awhile, and Hinder was just chilling out near by us so the radio guy asked if we wanted to meet hinder. Me and Rhonda have met them before but nothings wrong with meeting bands twice. So we met them and got their autographs, one of the band members wasnt there cause he was getting his face pierced. They were all drinking already and it was only a little after 3. After that, we then went and stood by the Rock 108 booth and the gave us posters, t-shirts and stuff for the bands to sign, plus Seethers newest cd and Dark New Days cd, which both i already had. While we were there we got to see Shinedown do the their sound check in which they played Heroes.

After waiting their for a little bit, Seether came out and met us. I had them sign my poster and my cd, and then we took pictures with them. They are definitely from South Africa, all you ever have to do is hear them talk. They were all very nice guys. We then got to go back stage and meet Shinedown. We had met members of Shinedown multiple times before, but never Brent the lead singer, but this time we met them all. They signed a poster and a glossy photo and we got to take pictures with them. We werent going to get to meet Dark New Day but they happened to be standing there, so they came over and starting signing stuff and talking to us. All of us had them sign our cd sleeves that came with the cds the radio guy gave us. They were just about to start letting people in from outside, so we started making our way around there, but before I did I got a picture with Clint from Dark New Day. The cool part was I got to meet a member of the band Stereomud even though they are not even around anymore. The other Lowery brother in the band used to be part of Stereomud. I could not have asked for anything more this day, but the concert hadn't even started.

Its not over yet, keep reading.

We didn't get front center, but we got pretty close, we were off to the right of center by about 10 feet and Dave actually got in and was right behind us there. We had already been at the Rex Baxter Building for about 3 hours at this point, we still had 7 hours before the show got out. The first band was Halestorm. They have a chick lead singer who is just an amazing singer. They played a heck of a show, and at the end the drummer came down and gave me the set list of songs and Rhonda got a drum stick. The next band was Flyleaf, who also has a chick lead singer. It was the second time for me to see them. Thay also played a very good show too, all the bands did that night. It may have only been the second band, but the crowd surfers were out in force already, but one of them was the worst i have ever seen. This girl was wearing a thin white button up shirt that was tied up in the front and a had a short skirt on, and when she crowd surfed she showed the world she was not wearing underwear, that and her shirt was soaked in sweat so you could see right thru it. That was only one of 2 butts i saw that night. Another girls jeans ripped when she asked to be pulled out the front, saw a full cheek and half that time.

The third band was Revelation Theory, which I had just learned about a month ago or so but have become one of my favs. Their show was crazy, they got the crowd really going with their heavy songs. You have to remember I am holding a roll of signed posters and occasionally a camera and Rhonda is hold 4 cds and a shirt. I had my shirt hung thru my belt and I was also holding her drumstick in my pocket. We held all this stuff while fending of crowd surfers. The security guards were the best ever. They tried to warn us as much as they could about incoming crowd surfers. Through all that i only droped the posters once. which was when i got kicked in the face by this girl, an anckle to the face hurts.

After Rev theory, Hinder came out. They crowd got really crazy during their show. They played an awesome set just like all the others. It was the second time for me to see them also. Not much happened during their set except more crowd sufers, but as I said earlier, it was worth it.

Dark New Day then came out. It was only a 6 song set, but that was all any bands really did till about Shinedown came out. They were awesome, The crowd had just been getting worse, with each band, more crowd sufers, and just more stupidity, but it was all worth it. I had 3 guitar pics thrown to me by Dark New Day, 2 hit my hand and I dropped them, but the security guards picked up everyone of them and kept them. They then threw the set list, I dropped it also, but the sercurity guards didnt want that so they handed it to me.

Finally Shinedown made it to the stage. It was so good to finally hear their new stuff. They played about an 9 song set, 5 from there first and 4 from their new album. The crowd surfers got completely unreal during their show. I was taking a picture of Brent when he came over to our side of the stage, he took a rock star pose for my picture when he noticed i was going to take a picture. I noticed he would hold his position for people if he saw they were taking a picture. He pointed at me right after I took the picture, but within in a millisecond after that a crowd sufer came in and cremed the back of my head, but once again, Worth It. About half way through the show Rhonda felt a pic hit th back of her leg, so she felt down around on the ground and found the Shinedown guitar pic. This was both of ours 4th Shinedown show, we have been to them all together, and it was the first time either of us got a pic. At the end of the show, the guitarist on our side of the stage threw a hand full of pics, and the all fell down in the security pit area. The security guards began to pick them up when the guy next to me jumped out after one. They grabbed him before he could get it, they then reached down and picked it up and hand it to me cause I was still holding out my hand. Their show was so awesome.

Last, Seether came out and put on a great show. It was now after midnight, so the crowd and almost completely shut down, only a few stray crowd surfers remained. They had the lead singer of Halestorm come out and sing Broken since the lead singer of Evanescence, Amy Lee, had broken up with the lead singer of Seether. It was really good. The crowd stayed about dead till they finished up and they played "Remedy", it got a little rough but everybody was just enjoying the last minutes of the show. They finished their act with "F**k it". At the very end I snag a drum stick by their drummer between a couple of my fingers. Some people were pissed that I had got all that stuff, while others were just saying how awesome it was I got all that stuff. Some people dont realize the bands notice when certain people are rocking out and singing along with their whole set. The people who do are the ones the bands throw stuff to 90% of the time. For $30 dollars it was a hell of a show considering they never even took our tickets since we got in early, so we could have seen it for free.

We ended up meeting 3 full bands, and 4 of 5 of a 4th band. Autographs and pictures, then I got 2 set lists, a pic and a drumstick. Rhonda got the drumstick and guitar pic. Getting so much stuff at this show is going be really hard to beat now at any other show. Well in a little over a month I am going to see Nickelback with Chevelle and Trapt here in OKC. After that I dont know if there are any of my fav bands that I will have left on my "to see" list. When the pictures get developed, i will but the best up on here, and for anyone who spent the time to read all this, rock on!


Rev Theory

Dark New Day


Seether and Shinedown


Meet and Greet w/ Dark New Day and Seether